About the program

The “Research-Oriented On-site Training Program for young scientists to go beyond the boundaries” is an educational program for high school students, etc. who have a deep interest and strong curiosity for the fields of science to greatly grow and aim at becoming a scientist or engineer that can succeed internationally in the future. The program places an importance on fostering the ability to overcome obstacles and difficulties through such investigational activities as being able to inquiry about relevant issues by one’s self and thoroughly explore matters.

The program includes initiatives with the purpose of strengthening the scientific capacity to raise “questions” and conduct research in one’s own way, under the guidance of university researchers, etc., as well as lectures and hands-on training in a wide range of scientific fields, in addition to initiatives for acquiring international communication skills.
The ROOT Program is operated and receives support as a project of “Global Science Campus,” a part of the next-generation human resources cultivation business of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (Project name “Research-Oriented On-site Training Program for young scientists to go beyond the boundaries”: Support period is from the 2021 academic year to the 2024 academic year). With Kobe University as the operating agency, it is jointly managed with the University of Hyogo, Kwansei Gakuin University, and Konan University. It also cooperates with international research institutes, etc. located within Hyogo Prefecture.

※From the 2017 academic year to the 2020 academic year, the Global Science Campus project, “Research-Oriented On-site Training Program for Future Innovative Scientists (Phase I ROOT Program)” was implemented. From the 2021 academic year, carrying on from Phase I’s focus on “giving rise to innovation through questioning the root,” the Phase II ROOT Program will be implemented with the new keyword of “fostering the ability to ‘go beyond.’”

What is ROOT?

“ROOT” is an acronym for “Research-Oriented On-site Training Program for young scientists to go beyond the boundaries.”
The ROOT logo represents taking a multifaceted approach toward things you can see and deeply investigating things that have taken root.


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